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Hey Frase Podcast

Vivacious DC media personality Sarah Fraser left local radio to produce this raucous, free-wheeling show with her friend Paul Wharton. Equal parts entertaining and inspiring, the pair explores everything from open marriages to women’s empowerment.

Jul 28, 2016

Our podcast has been signed by PODCASTONE! Yeah....huge news but that means we're exclusively on Head over to there website to download and listen to us for free. New episodes are up. We love you, Sarah and Samy K

Jul 27, 2016

The 5 things you're never supposed to say in the bedroom! Plus, a Baltimore man gets his missing cat back from a teen playing Pokemon Go, he's on the show. Meet our listener Haras...had an affair with a married woman, was nearly charged with stalking her, wants to contact her again, and has asked for our advice. Have a...

Jul 26, 2016

Sarah says she will always tip a waiter or waitress 30% if they tell her THIS after she orders (Samy thinks it's the most millennial thing she's ever said)! Are you being sexually harassed at work? Gretchen Carlson's attorney wrote the best article on how to handle it, and we play was it a Sharknado 4 star or RNC...