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The Sarah Fraser Show

Sarah Fraser is a TV and radio personality turned podcasting queen. 'Sarah will talk to anyone!' - so her friends say. From revealing stories of her personal life to reality stars and trailblazers, The Sarah Fraser Show appeals to your basic side and your spiritual side. 

Feb 9, 2021

Tia Stokes has become a viral TikTok and IG sensation but not for the reason you might think, it’s for journaling her cancer diagnosis and dancing thru it. When I tell you this woman is about gratitude!? She’s amazing. She shares how she went from suicidal to having faith, working with Beyonce, turning down a job offer from Britney Spears, and the hardest part of sharing her journey publicly. Show is sponsored by and use code RANDG for 10% off. Go to Sarah’s IG @thesarahfrasershow win Valentine's Day prizes from these businesses