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Hey Frase Podcast

Sarah Fraser is a media personality. The Hey Frase podcast is a free-wheeling show about real life, pop-culture, news of the week. Equal parts entertaining and inspiring, Sarah explores everything from sexual affirmation therapy to podcasting from a Mosque.

Dec 5, 2019

SPOILER ALERTS! Sarah and AJ review the new TLC show ‘Welcome To Plathville.’ This is a review of Episode 5. Episode 5 covers 18yr old Micah trying his hand at modeling. Tension between Moriah and her mom Kim over Moriah maybe going to college, and we meet Marsha Doll, the newest TV star! And, facts you didn’t know about the family, including the death of their 17 month old son, their social media presence, and is their Plathville farm actually listed on AirBnB.