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The Sarah Fraser Show

Sarah Fraser is a media personality. The Sarah Fraser Show is a free-wheeling show about comedy, pop-culture, and a plethora of famous and trail blazing guests. Entertaining and inspiring, Sarah and guests explore everything from 'ojectsexuals' to reviewing the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance! 

Jan 9, 2020

SPOILER ALERT! We review episode 1 of TLC’s new show ‘Hot & Heavy’ Mixed Weight couples. The show follows three couples: Kristen and Rusty, Joy & Chris, and Adrianna and Ricardo as they navigate their relationships. All 3 of the women are over 300lbs while the men are of a smaller weight. We share our thoughts if this show is a fat fetish show or humanizing women and relationships of all sizes. Follow us on instagram: @heyfrase and @andrealopezcomedy