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The Sarah Fraser Show

Sarah Fraser is a media personality. The Sarah Fraser Show is a free-wheeling show about comedy, pop-culture, and a plethora of famous and trail blazing guests. Entertaining and inspiring, Sarah and guests explore everything from 'ojectsexuals' to reviewing the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance! 

Jun 30, 2020

Sarah and AJ get into it over Jameela Jamil’s latest call out of Kim K in a corset picture. What’s the point of Jameela Jamil commenting on other women’s bodies? Barstool, Jenna Marbles, and Shane Dawson, are now cancelled, Sarah and AJ share their thoughts. Plus, Sarah is seeing a business coach and has now sent the Hey Frase Team tasks, AJ responds, and the couple caught in a volcano eruption that is now suing Royal Caribbean. Show sponsored by: and Vitamin E Podcast (A no BS health podcast) download on iTunes