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The Sarah Fraser Show

Sarah Fraser is a media personality. The Sarah Fraser Show is a free-wheeling show about comedy, pop-culture, and a plethora of famous and trail blazing guests. Entertaining and inspiring, Sarah and guests explore everything from 'ojectsexuals' to reviewing the latest episode of 90 Day Fiance! 

Jul 2, 2020

Get ready to fall in love with Daryn Carp. If you’re not already familiar she’s Andy Cohen’s long-time assistant, host of Reality Check on PeopleTV, and host of ‘Martinis and Murder,’ a true crime podcast. Daryn shares what she does on a daily basis for Andy, how she went from hating housewives to loving it, if she thinks Sonja Morgan will ever sell that famous toaster she was coming out with, smoking weed, coming out, and Andy re-homing his dog. Show sponsored by: - they deliver alcohol to your door! Use code HEYFRASE for $10 off your first order and use code FRASE for 20% off